Self-Motivation- 6 Powerful Self-Motivation Tips To achieve Success 2020
6 Powerful Self-Motivation Tips For 2020

6 Powerful Self-Motivation Tips For 2020

Who can motivate you? The answer is simple. Nobody. Yes, you heard it right. Nobody is going to truly motivate you unless you identify yourself. There is no solution to self-motivation unless you decide to change for the better.

People often think that self-motivation comes from outside and external factors. But self-motivation is nothing but finding yourself truly, that lies inside you.

There are two types of people in this world. Let’s say type A  and type B. Type A people are always sincere and highly ambitious. They know their capacity and inner strengths. Most of the successful people are likely to be A-type.

On the other hand, the B type people are directionless. They are not able to identify their skills. They are not also able to set goals and figure out what they truly want. These people have no ambition and plans for their life.

The good news is that we can always change ourselves. We all may not fall under the type A category but if we desire we can achieve what we truly want. It’s never too late to change ourselves and figure out what we truly want.

So today we are going to discuss six simple steps that will help us to explore our self-motivation and direct our life towards success path.

1. Identify Your Skill

The first major step towards self-motivation is to find out what skill you have. The skills can be anything but you have to choose those skill which you are truly good at and wants to pursue as a carrier. We know that all people have different abilities. Some are good at math while some are good at managing things.

6 Powerful Self-Motivation Tips For 2020

Take a long time and decide what extra skill you have and work on it. Also do not force yourself in the field which has a high reputation but you do not have any interest in that field. The major focus is to identify that one skill in which you are incredible.

2. Set Up Your Goals

We all know that without a goal there is no meaning to our life. All people are working hard to achieve their goals and desires. So another step to explore self-motivation is to set our goal and working for it.

Always estimate yourself to that point where you can see success. Write down your goals and set a time to think about your goals and plans for the upcoming future.

6 Powerful Self-Motivation Tips For 2020

This is one of the biggest steps to achieve self-motivation because it will direct our hard work towards the path of success. If you want to go further always clarify your goals and determination. Self-satisfaction is self-motivation. So one needs to have a clear vision towards the future.

3. Self-Talk

Self-talk is a powerful idea to boost our self-motivation. People are always busy talking with each other but they never listen to themselves. If we do not listen to our voice there is no way we can direct ourselves. So we must develop the habit of listening to our inner voices.

Self Talk is best to perform early in the morning and evening before going to bed. Only 5 minutes of self-talk would help us to have clear ideas and perceptions towards our actions. People often consider self-talk as an unnecessary idea but it is a powerful medium to boost our thoughts and purify it.

6 Powerful Self-Motivation Tips For 2020

5 minutes of self-talk in the morning will help us to direct the whole schedule of the day whereas 5 minutes of self-talk in the evening would help us to estimate our plans and ideas. During the self-talk, if we discover any new possibilities and ideas, it’s better to write down in the paper.


Self pat is one of the most powerful ways to self motivate yourself. Self pat indicates that you have achieved your small part of the goals and everything is going according to the situation you want.

Self -Motivation

So, it is one of the most powerful ways to convince yourself that everything is fine. Self pat habit is the best habit for self-satisfaction. For small achievement, if we go on self-tapping, it will encourage us to do more work in the future. If we follow this habit it will start to impact us psychologically.

5. Compare With Yourself

Successful people always compare themselves with themselves. Comparing with other people, it is a complete waste of time. Our life has our meaning and importance. Our journey is different and the environment that we live in is a completely different story.

Our capacity and the intensity of our motive to achieve success are different from one person to another person. Some people can achieve success in early age while for some other people, it could take a lifetime. Our brain capacity is not the same. So how can we compare our existence with other people?

Self -Motivation

Instead, if we calculate our actual capacity and find out our limitations, it will help us to find a way to succeed. So, comparing yourself with yourself is the key to move ahead. Comparing with other people is a complete waste of time because we use our intelligence, not theirs.

6. Be A Unique Piece

The world has evolved so much that there is a huge competition in every field. There are many experts in different faculties. So, in this situation, if we have that one unique skill that is less likely to have with other people, we can be part of the showtime.

Also, we must invest our valuable time in such a field of interest, which has lower competition. No matter what the field is but if we are experts on that skill, then we are going to make progress. Because the world expects experts not a common guy with common skills.

Self -Motivation

The world does not need a cook but the best cook, not the doctor but the expert doctor, not the singer but the awesome singer. So, we need to identify our true hidden skills and start to work on that skill. The common expert and ideas will not matter in the upcoming generation. This world is always searching for the best and unique expertise in a particular field.

Bottom line

There are lots of competition everywhere. It is very difficult for anybody to find themselves in this huge mass. Also, the world is changing rapidly and the situation and condition will not be the same. So we must act and give the best according to the timeline.

If we simply follow the above steps, we can always motivate ourselves despite any conditions. These are the best six powerful steps for 2020 to achieve self-motivation.

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