Motivation In The Workplace- Get Motivated in your workplace
How To Achieve Motivation In The Workplace Everyday

How To Achieve Motivation In The Workplace Everyday

Work, work, work and again work. So, do you often feel this pressure even if you know you are doing quite well? You do not get the quality of time because you are too busy and with your work. If so, then today I will discuss how to achieve motivation in the workplace for the long term.

Maybe you are doing excellent with your job, everybody is praising you, and you are not happy from the inside. Maybe you have sacrificed a lot of things for your position at your workplace and still can’t find inner satisfaction.

So, you got your job and you cannot focus yourself much in the workplace as everybody does. So, how to get motivation in the workplace, let’s discuss some ideas.

Why we need motivation in the workplace in this generation?

Well, this is the 21st century. We, humans, have made quite a progress. The workload and stressful life are more common in this era. Remember in the past, we used to earn a livelihood by hunting. Yes, that’s what’s our forefather used to do.

But now we move in the era of science and technology. Physical workload and pressure are decreasing. Now is the age of mental attitude and judgment. It’s obvious for us to sit in front of the Laptop, mobiles, types of machinery and forced to make progress.

It means that mental works are more common in this century than the physical ones. At the same time, we are also being far from nature. But we are forced to move on because of the dynamic nature of the earth.

Be motivated

As most of the work is taken at the mental level, we should also make us ready for any type of works. The world is becoming quite interesting, modernizing, boring and quite narrow as well.

We do not have that freedom of nature and forced to work in a cold place where no sunlight enters. Spending a couple of hours in front of the monitor may be quite boring. Also, physical restriction makes our life quite boring.

This type of comfort is also giving us more mental pressure. The depression, anxiety and stress level is also increased than that of the past few decades.

But, it does not matter as long as we are taking care, motivating ourselves and moving in the path of success. All we need is to find ways that will help us providing motivation in the workplace.

How can you get motivated in the workplace?

1. Realization of the importance of your job

Yes, the job that you are doing is the desire of millions of people. As the population is growing day by day, there are fewer opportunities everywhere. The competition in getting a job is becoming tough day by day.

motivation in the workplace

According to statistical data of 2019, there are 196.3 million people are unemployed all around the world. So, it does not matter what job you are doing, you should always realize this fact. It does not matter whether you are cashier, accountant, consultant, labor, cleaner, watchmen and so on.

At least you do not belong to that population who are not getting opportunities, guess how hard for them to survive. Yes, many people are not getting the job of their desired position. But you should not feel panic and demotivate it because at least you are doing something for you and for this world.

“You must love your work, and not be always looking over the edge of it, wanting your play to begin. And the other is, you must not be ashamed of your work and think it would be more honorable to you to be doing something else. You must have a pride in your own work and in learning to do it well, and not be always saying, There’s this and there’s that—if I had this or that to do, I might make something of it. No matter what a man is—I wouldn’t give twopence for him’— here Caleb’s mouth looked bitter, and he snapped his fingers— ‘whether he was the prime minister or the rick-thatcher if he didn’t do well what he undertook to do.” ― George Eliot, Middlemarch

2. Progress does not happen overnight

Yes, many people feel demotivated because they are not getting the desired jobs and other people are in a lower position. But only the successful people know that progress is made from zero levels.

You are at the junior level of post on your workplace and still worrying about your position that you could not go higher, then you will need extra hard work and consistency.

motivation in the workplace

We can see all the successful people were at zero levels and their struggle gave them success. I meant to say that it’s okay to be at the zero levels in any workplace. With our dedication, effort, hard work and experience we will be able to make a huge success in our life.

If you are an employee and still could not get a promotion, then it’s time to work hard rather than looking for motivation. Because only that satisfactory feeling will motivate you to go higher.

“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.” Shirley Chisholm

3. Work smarter, not harder

Have you ever noticed some people are so smarter that they are able to achieve huge success in a low period of time frame?  This is the person is putting his hard work in smarter ways.

Most of the people only follow the hard work but they are not able to think a different approach. One should be able to think from a different perspective and prove his creativity.

motivation in the workplace

Most of the people get no promotion on the job because these people are not showing their actual performance and creativity. To work smarter, one should be able to interpret the same thing from different ideas.

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”  Bill Gates

The above quote clearly suggests that Bill Gates is looking for a person who works smarter. So, we should always give direction to our hard work.

4. Take a break 

Some people have the habit of working continuously either for more money or it’s just a hobby. They are also not giving time for their family and relationship. This habit will sure make us richer and successful but not from the health and other sides.

People know that they need to take a break from time to time. But they never implement and put their work in the first place. This habit will slowly demotivate us because our body also needs some rest.

be motivated

It also reduces the workload pressure and stress from our mind and adds more resistance to work. There are lots of people from worldwide who never takes a break and sets the time from their personal life. This habit will sure make us demotivate one day.

In the survey, it has been statistically found that successful people have also managed some portion of their time for their private life and recreation.

So, if you want to make yourself motivated take a break, go on a vacation and enjoy the holidays.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” Bansky

5. Improve your skill

Improving skills is one of the most satisfactory things that will always motivate you. Whether you are a new employee or an old one, you should always spend the quality of time improving your skillset. This will help you add more confidence and help to raise the inner satisfaction.

Be motivated

For example, if you are a receptionist, you can always increase your verbal skills by which you can well communicate with your clients. If you are a new software developer working for the company you can take your skill to the next level whether you are a beginner or expert.

“Skill and confidence are an unconquered army.” George Herbert

You can increase your skills daily like in the morning time or in the free time. This is the additional effort that you will make whuch is going to giving more success in upcoming days. If you improve your skill every day and learn new things, you are directing your hard work to the path of success.

6. Be an amazing personality

To be an amazing person in the workplace you need to consider many factors. Factors such as time management, communication skill, responding to criticism, teamwork, friendliness, disciplined, goal-oriented, confidence,problem-solving skill, creativity, and other factors should be considered.

be motivated

If you do well in all the above factors then you are an amazing guy in the workplace. Everybody is going to praise your personality and hard work. So instead of becoming a demotivating guy in the workplace be the example that you want to show.

No matter how your skills are you can always improve them and you can always be a role icon for the workplace. You can always beat other competitors by improving your skill along with these other factors. So, take a challenge and prove it.

7. Have a positive mindset

A positive guy in the workplace is one who simply accepts himself and maintains a good and healthy relationship with all the teammates. The negative one is always busy making excuses and blaming others. Some people are very temperant and some are friendly.

be motivated


So, it’s better to be a guy who is friendly and positive from all aspects rather than developing a negative attitude and a bad relationship with other co-workers. You cannot expect a lot from the negativity. So it is advised to be a simple, friendly, communicating and positive guy in the workplace.

We cannot achieve all greater things alone. So, we need to be positive not to show but from the inner heart.

“Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.” Joel Osteen

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we can achieve the motivation in the workplace if we go on improving ourselves and making a better person. If we do not make any progress in our skills, we will not motivate ourselves. To find motivation in the workplace, one should always work harder and harder.

We must develop a positive attitude and dedicate ourselves to the workplace. Every job is the same and none are easy. We must always find a way to get motivation in the workplace.

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