How To Get Motivated Every Time-Scientific and Practical ways
Scientific And Practical Solution Of How To Get Motivated Every time

Scientific And Practical Solution Of How To Get Motivated Every time

How To Get Motivated Every Time

There are so many people searching for how to get motivated from all around the globe. People keep searching for motivation every single day. Nowadays, people are seeking motivation for hundreds of reasons. In the 21st century, there are more frustrations, disappointments, depression, and stressful life.

To be motivated, we should try to know the meaning of motivation. So what is motivation basically? We just keep searching the internet without knowing the meaning of motivation. People often search for how to get motivated every single time.

How to get motivated

Motivation can be described in three meaningful words. These are the mind, body, and intellect. Without knowing and going to deep for these words, we can never fully understand the meaning of motivation.

Yes, there are many temporary solutions for being inspired. But these are just temporary ideas. So, in order to improve ourselves, we just need to understand ourselves from a practical point of view.

So, overall we just need motivation for every aspect of our life. We need motivation for study, motivation for work, motivation for our goals and so on. Motivation is what keeps us going through every single obstacle of life.

So in this article, we will discuss the practical ways to get motivated every single time.

Motivating Factors

As we discused motivation is the combination of three words mind, body, and intellect. To understand these words, we should understand ourselves first. Our motivation depends on how we treat our mind, body and how we use our intelligence.

So, these are the practical possible ways from where our motivation arises. Because our motivation does not come from other people, it lies within us.

We just need to explore ourselves and think practically. We just need to understand our mind, body and our intelligence.

These are the primary factors for playing an important role in our excitement and depression. So we will discuss them separately.

Motivation Depends On Our Mind Activity

Yes, the mind is the source of where the motivation comes from. So the motivation depends on how we treat our brain. The dull and inactive brain results in laziness. The brain chemicals are the reason for our mood swings and other mental factors.

It means that if we are not utilizing our brain properly or not providing enough chemicals to our brain, our thinking capacity decreases. So, are we providing enough brain activity to keep us motivated?

People nowadays are spending their quality of time in more technical types of equipment like mobile, laptops and other media. People are searching for motivation after spending 5-6 hours of time on mobiles. So how will it work if our brain does not get rest, is inactive and dull all the time.

In terms of science, the neurotransmitters are responsible for our motivation. One of the important neurotransmitters is dopamine. Its job is to encourage us and avoid a bad situation.

So, we can increase the motivation level by eating more dopamine filled foods. To increase our mental activity we should adopt the following habits.

  • Providing enough diet with dopamine filled foods like yogurt and sauerkraut, and natural glucose, which occurs in raw fruits and nuts.
  • Getting 15-minute nap every day
  • A 30-minute walk at midday gives positive results.

So, without providing our brains with enough food and necessary mental exercise we can never be motivated. To keep motivated every day, we should adopt the above habits. These are some tips which can make our mind healthy. Because there is a big connection between our mind motivation, we should always find a way to keep our mind stable.

Motivation Depends On Our Body Activity

Talking about the practical ways to get motivated, body activity is also important to factor. Without fit and active body we just cannot achieve our everyday goals. There are lots of people all around the world who just spend hours of time in the office or just mental activities. These activities will increase our stress levels.

So, motivation cannot be achieved, if we only focus on brain activities, meaning that there should be the involvement of physical activities also. People have zero physical activities and are searching for motivation. How will this work?

We need to find an important factor for motivation which involves our physical movement. So, evidence shows that the people who are physically fit have stable mental health. Certain evidence also proves that exercising every day helps to remove the depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD and trauma.

So, in this generation people are very busy with their office, cellphones and the use of transportation limits our physical activity.  In, order to increase our motivation level, we need to generate enough brain chemicals in our minds. Exercise and simple aerobic exercises are enough to generate these chemicals and keep us motivated.

Motivation Depends On Our Intellect

So, what is the relationship between our motivation and intelligence? It’s all about how we are using our intelligence accordingly. So, it depends on how we use our intelligence either for bad or good. For example, if we use our intelligence on negative things, we cannot achieve motivation.

We all have our own level of intelligence. It all depends on where and how we use it. Some people are very intelligent in their life but are still depressed and sad. It’s because people are not able to use their intelligence in the right place which provides motivation.

Motivated people have enough intelligence but intelligence people may not be motivated. It’s because we never improve ourselves. Our intelligence might be 80 out 100 but we may be using our intelligence only 10 percent.

Using our inner intelligence is what makes us motivated. We all have our own level of intelligence but we never explore and show it to the world. We are either afraid or fearful to show our intelligence level. Also, our laziness habit affects our intelligence.

Motivation is more important than intelligence but intelligence is also related to motivation. It is part of the motivation. So in order to be fully motivated, we should use our intelligence in the right manner. If our intelligence is in the wrong direction, we may never find motivation.

So, from a practical point of view, these are the main reasons for our motivation. The bottom line is no matter how much we try to be motivated, but if we do not follow this connection our motivation is just temporary. To be motivated in the long run, these factors must be followed.

After knowing and following all these aspects there are other daily ways to keep the motivation.

1. Always Find Out What Makes You Happy

Our happiness and motivation differ from person to person. For some people exercise may give them motivation while for other people shaving the beard may give motivation for the day.

So,  we should be able to find out what will make us happy. That can be any factor. So, we should identify our triggers and keep going on it. This habit will keep motivated the whole day.

2. Read Motivational Quotes Everyday

To keep motivated throughout the day, we should adopt the habit of reading quotes and watching motivational videos early in the morning. This is also the best habit to keep motivated. If we include this habit as a morning routine this will help a lot to maintain motivation throughout the day.

3. Stop Thinking Negative Things About Yourself

Motivation begins with positivity. Just thinking negative of everything and about yourself is just a bad habit. This habit will never keep anyone motivated. So, positive thinking in every situation is another way to get motivated every day.

Also comparing ourselves with others make us demotivated. Instead, we should compare ourselves to ourselves and make progress every day.

How to get motivated

4. Exercise

All we know about this but this small habit is what makes our day. We should always have this habit. It should be part of our morning routine. Doing simple exercises also impact our life. The exercise has too many scientific exercises that could not be described.

So, exercise is the golden habit of all other things. It increases our brain chemicals and keeps us motivated every time.

How to get motivated

5. Improve Skills

Improving our skills gives us that satisfying feeling. We should also give some portion of our time to improve our skills and take it to the next level. This habit makes us feel that we are now capable of.

This habit removes our insecurities. It gives the perception that we are improving ourselves. So, we should always some of our time to improve our skills. This habit will sure make us motivated.

How to get motivated

6. Entertainment

For those people who are always busy, this is the best habit. Always focusing on the goal and working continuously increases the stress level. So, for the daily schedule, we should get some sort of recreation.

This may involve watching motivational movies, listening to songs, dancing, and singing. This habit lowers our stress level. It also gives motivation for the next day without feeling boring.

7. Eat Healthy Food

If you are eating the wrong foods and searching motivational ways, then it has no meaning. We should include the best foods for our breakfast. Also, we should avoid street and unhealthy food.

Eating healthy foods will increase the necessary chemicals in our brain and body. Then our thinking level and mood gradually increase. So, eating healthy provides us the motivation we want for our life.


So, simply if we follow these activities, we can be motivated for the whole day. These tips are simple but most powerful. We should follow these tips for our overall health.

I hope this helps you a lot. Thanks for reading this post. Have a great day.



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